We specialize in mechanical processing of sheet metal of a wide range of grades, as well as the production of a variety of details and structures for the telecommunications, electronics, construction, electrical and many other industries.

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Details and constructions in thin sheets

We specialize in the production of cold-formed parts and sections....

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Welded and spot welded constructions

Welding and spot welding are services we have been offering customers since the beginning of our business....

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Precision locksmithing and assembly work

We offer a wide range of locksmith work...

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Galvanization and powder coating

We provide a galvanising, hot-dip galvanising and powder coating service for the products we manufacture....

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Our inspection standards have been recognised with the ISO 9001 quality certificate. Our team not only has modern tools at its disposal, but also has its own technology and design office equipped with advanced CAD programmes.

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