Our comprehensively developed machinery lets us almost unlimited tooling of thin plates. We are able, according to the wishes of client, to produce any kind of details and components. The possibilities of perforation, making holes with punching or plasma cutting and curving - let us fabricate products in expected shapes and destinies.

Thin Plates Casings

We produce thin plates casings in unlimited choice of sizes, colours and destinations. Professionalism as well as competence enable us to fulfil even specific orders for example: sound enclosures, telecommunication casings, industrial equipment casings.

Thin Plates Constructions

In our technical - productive possibilities there is a wide scale of articles. It is inter alia thin plates constructions. In this field our partners are companies which are world wide potentates in the area of telecommunication. We are able to create high quality frames, stands with doors and any kind of similar goods.

Heavy Welded Constructions

Wide denotation of our activity is shown in the heavy constructions. We produce silos of different destiny (among others for granulate, crops, friable stuff, liquids etc. In this action we are not limited by size, shape (circular, square, atypical) and amount of ordered products as well. We produce also containers to transport poultry of which high quality is confirmed by huge interest of West-European contractors. We are able to produce also other heavy constructions as well, according to the wishes of our client.